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1 Piece of Filmmaking Gear I Take Everywhere I Go Video: Zoom H6 Microphone

In this quick tip and tutorial video Kal Visuals discuss one SECRET piece of filmmaking gear he takes everywhere with him from the gym to the grocery store to the jungle. I can tell you now it’s not a camera? One of the most important and often underrated parts of filmmaking is audio. It’s vital to have clean, effective and engaging sound design in your film or you will never truly captivate your audience as a filmmaker, director, editor etc. In film, sound design is one of the biggest driving forces that helps evoke certain emotions out of the viewer. Kal Visuals discuss why  it’s so important to be constantly gathering sound from all your surroundings and how it can benefit you immediately as well as down the road in this video entitled “I take this 1 piece of filmmaking gear everywhere I go”. This is a interesting watch and a new and unique perspective on the filmmaking process and how audio, sound, and more specifically sound design can effect and influence the strength of a film. A must watch for anyone in filmmmaking or video production.

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