Kal Visuals


KAL VISUALS is a full-service video production company. We specialize in music videos, commercial films, corporate videos, product videos, and event coverage. We make visuals storytelling easy through filmmaking and photography. At KAL VISUALS, we nourish your vision into compelling media content. We produce the best visual stimuli in all the land through cinematography and photography services.



Director//Cinematographer//Editor: Kyle A. Loftus

Kyle Andrew Loftus aka (KAL) or KAL VISUALS is an Orlando based commercial filmmaker & photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. Kyle first began his professional career in 2016 after graduating from Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication with a degree in Screenwriting & Producing by working with the Orlando Magic as a videographer and editor all the while running KAL VISUALS. Shortly after taking on this brief role with the Magic, Kyle recognized his true calling, visual storytelling through filmmaking and photography. Moreover, Kyle realized to create exceptional content he required the creative freedom of working outside the restrictions of a corporate setting. Today, Kyle is working fearlessly to create content that is inspiring others and changing the world for better one story at a time.

Kyle considers his style of filmmaking “disruptive”, he’s all about pushing the limits of what’s possible and creating stories that will disrupt the industry. Additionally, getting in and getting the job done effectively, efficiently, and creatively is a top priority. Kyle believes in keeping a concise team so everyone is focused, empowered, and collaborative. Kyle values the relationships with his cast, crew, and clients above everything else. Only by working together can we change the world.

Since 2016, Kyle has worked with over 30 nationally recognized businesses and brands like Timberland, Make-A-Wish, National Kidney Foundation, Topo Designs and many more.

At KAL VISUALS, Kyle lives by a “why not?”  attitude, taking on every new project with an open-mind and a determination to create something refreshing and inspiring. Kyle’s passion is creating superior media content and providing strategic media solutions that resonate with audiences globally. Kyle lives to create. The world is his office. You can find him on the next big adventure @kalvisuals.