The Team


KAl Loftus: filmmaker // photographer

Dare to be different and do the unthinkable. Don’t be afraid to unsettle life’s balance, even the universe could use a good kick in the ass every once and awhile.
— Kal Loftus

It all started back…

in 2008 when MTV and VH1 were still running music videos and as simple plan would say, "I'm just a kid" (ignore the improper grammar and just roll with the pun). I would wake up every day before school and sit in front of the TV, eyes glued to the screen, cereal in hand, until I had to run up the street to make the bus. I was obsessed with music videos. I was relentlessly inspired by the  incredible videos various artists like RHCP, Outkast, Beastie Boys, Matchbox 20 etc. put out. The way they brought there stories to life through visual stimuli was so amazing to me. Fast forward 10 years and you can find me filming religiously whether it's weekday or weekends. That in combination with my passion for the great outdoors and traveling has led me to this incredible life journey.

My name is Kyle Andrew Loftus, but you can call me Kal. I’m an adventure & lifestyle filmmaker & photographer based out of the US. At Kal Visuals, my passion is creating superior media content and providing strategic media solutions that resonate with audiences globally. I live to create. I'm addicted to my craft and find myself never leaving the office. The world is my office. You can find me in my office on the next big adventure. Moreover, as a creative, I’m motivated to explore to the edge of the earth because I want to change how people see the world. I’m living my best life capturing the grandeur of this planet by day and sharing its splendor by night. I aspire to make a positive impact on this planet and its people by utilizing my love for filmmaking and photography to promote an adventurous, eco-friendly, and liberating lifestyle. I aspire to open up the world to those that are blind to its beauty. I'm a visual professional dedicated to creating the best visual stimuli on the market. I value the relationships with my clients and am both morally and ethically committed to producing socially responsible-positive content that exceeds the vision of my clientele.