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Wedding LUT Bundle

Wedding LUT Bundle


This bundle was created specifically for editing wedding footage. Additionally, we created this bundle with the intention of providing as much versatility as possible in regards to lighting, colors, tones and textures so as to give you one of the most effective and efficient LUT bundles available on the market for editing wedding films. We particularly love this bundle because it really helps create captivating images that expound the beauty colors and textures often found at weddings from the dresses to dinner table decor. This LUT bundle is perfect for all wedding videographers whether your professional or just starting. Why you ask? Because as we know lighting is constantly changing and weddings don’t allow a lot of time for adjustments so this bundle is perfect for setting your base looks for your film and allowing vastly more time to simply focus on making those tiny tweaks to fine tune skin tones and shadows. We really love this bundle because it’s all about creating LOVELY images, images that feel so warm and inviting you can’t help but smile.


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