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Desert Film Preset Bundle

Desert Film Preset Bundle


This collection of presets were created for shooting at the beach, desert or anywhere with a lot of negative space. Additionally, this bundle is great for any shots with backlighting or more specifically the sun behind your subject. This collection was made to help create nostalgic images that feel like film but have the sharpness and vibrancy of a digital SLR…the perfect combination.

  1. Cool off

  2. Airy light blue

  3. Apocalypse

  4. Bright with a hint of green

  5. Creamy white finish

  6. Flat & muted cool

  7. Golden glow

  8. Heck Yeah

  9. In the moment

  10. Nightscape blue hue

  11. Soft flat fade

  12. The standard

  13. Warm weather

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