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This is an online store that offers photography presets, LUT bundles, video templates, treatments, adventure lifestyle prints, clothing, and accessories available for purchase at KAL VISUALS. All products are original KAL VISUALS creations.

Moody Portraits Bundle I

Moody Portraits Bundle I


The Kal Visuals Moody Portrait bundle comes with over 20 various preset templates that make it a perfect starter kit for any level of photographer looking for a wide assortment of styles and effects to enhance their photos.

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1. Vintage Gold

2. 1964

3. 1976

4. 1985

5. A Touch of Amarillo

6. Faded Fireflies

6. Lomo Glow

7. Luminance Portrait

8. Muted Fader

9. Shed Light on the Shade

10. Vintage Fade

11. Vintage Glow

12. White Fade

13. In the Bush

14. In the Bush II

15. Moody Please

16. Moody Please II

17. In the Greenery

18. Cool Dark Portrait

19.  Winter White Portrait

20. Soft Tone Portrait

21. Knee Deep in the Ocean

22. Tone it Down

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