5 Must Have Pieces of Filmmaking Gear Starting Out Video

In this quick tip and tutorial video Kal Visuals covers the 5 most important pieces of filmmaking gear you need today as a filmmaker whether your a beginner, novice, or professional. As a filmmaker it’s vital that you have all the right gear when your on set but choosing which gear you need over another can be a strenuous task. Furthermore, filmmaking and videography gear is extremely costly and expensive so it’s important that you start off only getting what you NEED as a filmmaker and/pr video production company. There’s lot so important gear that goes into a power-house video production set like lights, reflectors, gels, monitors for the director/staff etc. but in this video Kal Visuals breaks down the entirety of a filmmaking set and reveals the 5 key pieces of filmmaking gear you must have to be successful out the gate. In this video Kal Visuals goes further to discuss the Importance of keeping your gear load small in the beginning so you can focus on growing as a director, camera operator, DP, cinematographer, editor etc.