How To Get Paid To Travel: 5 Tips For Selling Your Work

This is a short how to video explaining How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips For Selling Your Work. In this video I provide 5 of my best 5 Tips For Selling Your Work, How to Get Paid to Travel. I cover 5 different topics in this video and also provide some extra tips that are just generally related to traveling cheap or for free. In my first topic I talk about compromise and the importance of working with companies to meet in the middle for a mutual benefit and why that’s good for business. Next I dive into stock submissions and the benefits it can provide to photographers, videographers sound engineers etc. Additionally, in my third tip of How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips For Selling Your Work I discuss photo competitions and the different benefits they can provide to a photographer when it comes to getting paid to travel and making money for one’s photos and or videos. After I discuss photo competitions I dive into the benefits of contacting and collaborating with bloggers and magazines from the payouts to the exposure. Lastly, I cover trip sponsorship, what it entails, what it looks like, how it works, where to get it etc. Not only this but in How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips For Selling Your Work I also provide some extra tips I use to travel cheap or for free that has nothing to do with my professional as a photographer and videographer.

Stock Submission Sites:

Photo Competition Sites:

Travel Extras:

Here’s a list of all the gear I used to make this video for you to check out. I used my Sony A7S II, 24-240mm lens, ND filter, Rode VideoMic Pro, and batteries to get my main wide shot. I then used my Canon 5D Mark III to get my secondary tight angle. The links below are to the direct products I got, I hope it helps! 

Sony A7S Mark II:

Sony 24-240mm Lens:

Rode Shotgun Mic:

Sandisk 128GB:

Canon 5D Mark III:

Sigma 35mm 1.4 Prime:

AFAITH Tripod:

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