How To Edit Portraits In Lightroom Fast

In this video, How To Editing Portraits In Lightroom Fast I share my entire process for turning over portraits quickly. I share my screen and walk you through my entire process from selecting an image to adjusting the eyes properly. How To Edit Portraits In Lightroom Fast shares my personal favorite way of editing portraits. Moreover, this video reveals my secret methods for really making a portrait pop. Additionally, I thoroughly explain every step and my reasoning for it so one can gain a better understanding of photography and editing. How To Edit Portraits In Lightroom Fast is a great video for all levels of photographers from beginners to professionals. This video can be very helpful for people just getting started as a photographer as well as it has some hidden techniques and procedures that many professionals will find useful in the field of photography. I cover Lightroom presets, creating a mood, adjusting color, toning, adding grain, exposure, contrast, sharpness and so much more so be sure to check this video out!