Why Every Photographer Needs A 50mm Prime Lens, The Nifty Fifty

In this video Kal Visuals covers why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens better known as the nifty fifty. Kal Visuals discuss the many benefits of having a 50mm lens such as less gear means less to lug. The 50mm prime lens is lightweight, small and easy to carry around. Moreover Kal Visuals reveals in why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens how it helps provide environmental background in the scene. He also discusses how you can flip the 50mm prime lens around and use it as a macro lens, you’ll have to get really close but it’s a cool feature of using a 50mm prime. Also with a speed of f1.4 you can capture extremely fast action with plenty of light coming in, whereas with a kit lens at say f4 you can’t capture at the same level. Kal Visuals doesn’t hold back on his passion for starting out and using a 50mm prime lens. Kal Visuals discusses how the nifty fifty helped him learn and grow as a photographer as well as the many benefits of using one. Don’t miss out on why every photographer need a 50mm prime lens, the nifty fifty.


How to Export Videos for IGTV Tutorial

In this tutorial video, How to Export for IGTV Kal Visuals skips all the bs and gets straight to the point, How to Export for IGTV. This video is all about saving you time as we skip through the intro and get straight to why and how to export videos for instagram tv. Don’t waste your time watching a 10 minute tutorial just to get the last 2 minutes of information you really need on exporting videos for instagram tv, watch this short and concise video tutorial by kal visuals on the best ways to export your video for IGTV today. Learn How to export for IGTV HERE & NOW!



How to Shoot a Wedding Video Solo!

In how to shoot a wedding video solo, Kal Visuals provides some incredible behind the scenes footage of himself in action on a real life wedding day shoot. This video consist of some awesome bts videos on how to shoot a wedding video solo that is complemented by some very insightful narration. Kal Visuals discuss everything you need to know about shooting a wedding film by yourself from discussing the equipment you will need to the specific shots you should aim to capture in the various environments. Moreover, Kal Visuals discusses many quick hacks to getting better footage, smoother shots, effective slow motion and even explains how he plans out his shots prior to the wedding day beginning. Don’t miss out on this incredibly helpful youtube tutorial on how to shoot a wedding video solo curated by Kal Visuals himself.


Vid Con 2018 Review

In this video Kal Visuals discuss Vid Con and if it is worth the price you pay to go. Kal Visuals discuss every aspect of Vid Con from logistics and operations to how engaging/rewarding the keynote speakers were. In this Vid Con 2018 review, kal visuals reveals both the positive and negative takeaways from going to Vid Con as a photographer and/or filmmaker that is trying to grow their business, brand and audience on YouTube as well as the other various social media platforms. Kal Visuals discuss the tech companies that went to Vid Con, what industry insight were available and what announcements were made like the launch of IGTV at Vid Con 2018. Kal Visuals tells all in this honest review of his Vid Con 2018 experience from the networking opportunities to the fun events going on at night like “dance the night” at the YouTube area. If you’re contemplating Vid Con for 2019 then look no further than this Vid Con 2018 review!


My Lighting Setup for YouTube Vlogging

My lighting Setup for YouTube Vlogging is a awesome video for vloggers, filmmakers and anyone looking to make videos for YouTube. Kal Visuals breaks down his personal vlogging setup at his home office, how he got his light kit, how much it cost and why it’s so important to have a consistent YouTube vlogger. My lighting setup for YouTube vlogging is a perfect introduction to making a 3 light setup for beginning vloggers and filmmakers. Moreover, this video shows you how you can make a DIY lighting setup for YouTube vlogging video for under $250!!! This is a great example for anyone who is on a tight budget or is looking to get into vlogging but doesn’t want to break the bank right away. Kal Visuals does everyone a big favor with this video by saving us all time and LOTS of MONEY by revealing his lighting setup for making YouTube vlogs.


Why Everyone Needs A Macro Lens

Why everyone needs a macro lens is a must watch for any and all filmmakers and photographers. In this video Kal Visuals breaks down the importance of having a macro lens and what it can do for you as a filmmaker, director, editor, photographer etc. Moreover, Kal Visuals discusses why everyone needs a macro lens in order to effectively and efficiently tell a story. Kal Visuals discuss how a macro lens helps enhance a story, create dynamic video sequences and enhances the viewers visual experience. Why everyone needs a macro lens is a great vlog that explains how a macro lens can help you create more compelling films and really capture your audience.


Kingdom Official Music Video

Kingdom is Halim's first music video release off his debut album, The First 48 (48 unreleased songs sitting in the arsenal). Kingdom is a song written by Halim focusing on his tied roots to Cincinnati, growing up in Clifton, Ohio and how the city shaped him. Kingdom  by Halim Abdullah Official Music Video is a must watch video for any creatives or fans of simplistic approach to music videos. Kal Visuals keeps this video right on point with the simplicity of the track but keeping the focus on Halim, and different environmental areas that impacted his path and helped him grow. The First 48 is a project unlike any other where Halim Abdullah has been releasing a song a day for 48 days straight. These are all underground and unreleased songs due to Halim's past issues struggling with his self-confidence and depression. This project is all about liberating yourself from your past, and working towards the future you dream of. Kingdom Music Video is the first of many incredible music videos and projects to come from Halim and we can’t to share more.   


How to Make Your Own LUTS Using Photoshop

In this tutorial video Kal Visuals shows you exactly how he creates his own custom LUTs or Look Up Tables by using Photoshop. This is an incredible skill to know and master as a filmmaker, videographer, media house or just as a general creative. Knowing how to create custom LUT’s allows you to cater color, tone, mood all to benefit the film. Moreover, creating your own LUTs makes editing in Premiere vastly easier as color correcting in Premiere Pro is very choppy, unreliable and lacks the ability to make very specific adjustment like one can do in photoshop. This is a must watch tutorial video for any filmmaker in the film industry or anyone in the videography or digital marketing sphere. How to Make Your Own LUTS Using Photoshop Video is a great tutorial to learn from if your just starting out as a creative videographer and editor. Kal Visuals shares one of his favorite SECRET methods to successfully creating moving and engaging films by creating incredible LUTs to overlay on his footage.