Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon

Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon is a short film created from a two week long road trip through Washington and Oregon traveling all along the middle as well as the coast of both the states. The trip covered Olympic National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, Mt. Hood National Forest, Crater Lake National Park and much much more. Moreover, Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon is a short film created by owner and visionary for Kal Visuals, Kyle Loftus who was inspired to make this film from his passion for the great outdoors, adventure, Planet Earth the show and National Geographic. Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon is a must see short film for any filmmakers as it does an incredible job of transitioning from scene to scene seamlessly by matching color, motion, tone etc. Not only this, the sound design in Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon is nothing short of incredible and really brings the beautiful colors to life. This is the first episode of a new series Kal Visuals will be running in which celebrates the beauty of our planet and Mother Earth as well as to help promote sustainability and encourage others to protect our planet. Don’t miss out on the inspiring and moving film, Mother Earth Ep. 1 Washington & Oregon.


Sokani LED Video Light Review

In this video, Kal Visuals reviews the lightweight, travel-friendly and affordable pocket sized Sokani LED Video Light. Kal Visuals discusses the ins and outs of this lights and effectiveness as well as its usefulness. Kal Visuals dives into the LED lights strength, how long the Sokani LED Video Light can run, how long the Sokani LED Video Light takes to charge, what all comes in the Sokani LED Video Light package and so much more. Kal Visuals even does a comparison and contracts with the incredible pocket-sized Aputure Amaran AL-M9. Don’t miss out on this short, concise and insight review of the Sokani LED Video Light.

Tonight Official Music Video by BZB Productions

This is the official music video for the song Tonight by B@B Productions aka Ben Magana. Ben Magana is a Cincinnati native artist who pulls his style together from is Spanish-American background which is vibrantly promiment throughout the video, This music video was directed, shot and edited by Kal Visuals. The Tonight music video is a great example of how colors and lighting can make for a truly inviting music video. Moreover, the official tonight music video by B2B Productions is full of fun dancing and animations to bring the pop-party feeling of the song to life. Don't miss out on this incredible edit done by Kal Visuals.


Digital Nomads Storm the Coast of Oregon & Washington Recap Blog Part 1

35mm vs. 50mm Prime, Which Lens is Better and Why?

In this video, 35mm vs. 50mm prime Video, Which Lens is Better and Why Kal Visuals opens up to his audience and reveals all his favorite aspects of a 35mm prime. Moreover, Kal Visuals explains why he would choose a 35mm over a 50mm prime day and night, no matter what. This is a must watch video for any portrait or lifestyle photographer who works a lot with people and models. Kal Visuals discuss some very important and awesome benefits of having a 35mm over a 50mm prime lens like how it functions similar to the nifty fifty prime in that it can do all the same stuff just a bit more. Kal Visuals goes on in 35mm vs. 50mm prime Video, Which Lens is Better and Why to discuss things like the benefits of having a wider lens aka a wider angle of view or field of view. Kla Visuals mentions things like because it’s slightly wider you can get closer to your subject and stay in focus and you can work in tighter spaces which is a big perk for photographers. 35mm vs. 50mm prime Video, Which Lens is Better and Why also compares the differences between the two lenses and how cost and size can affect your buying decision. Kal Visuals save you a lot of difficult contemplation and decision making in this incredible short helpful tip and trick video, 35mm vs. 50mm prime Video, Which Lens is Better and Why.


Why Every Photographer Needs A 50mm Prime Lens, The Nifty Fifty

In this video Kal Visuals covers why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens better known as the nifty fifty. Kal Visuals discuss the many benefits of having a 50mm lens such as less gear means less to lug. The 50mm prime lens is lightweight, small and easy to carry around. Moreover Kal Visuals reveals in why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens how it helps provide environmental background in the scene. He also discusses how you can flip the 50mm prime lens around and use it as a macro lens, you’ll have to get really close but it’s a cool feature of using a 50mm prime. Also with a speed of f1.4 you can capture extremely fast action with plenty of light coming in, whereas with a kit lens at say f4 you can’t capture at the same level. Kal Visuals doesn’t hold back on his passion for starting out and using a 50mm prime lens. Kal Visuals discusses how the nifty fifty helped him learn and grow as a photographer as well as the many benefits of using one. Don’t miss out on why every photographer need a 50mm prime lens, the nifty fifty.


How to Export Videos for IGTV Tutorial

In this tutorial video, How to Export for IGTV Kal Visuals skips all the bs and gets straight to the point, How to Export for IGTV. This video is all about saving you time as we skip through the intro and get straight to why and how to export videos for instagram tv. Don’t waste your time watching a 10 minute tutorial just to get the last 2 minutes of information you really need on exporting videos for instagram tv, watch this short and concise video tutorial by kal visuals on the best ways to export your video for IGTV today. Learn How to export for IGTV HERE & NOW!