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Mother Earth Ep. 3: European Edition

This short film entitled Mother Earth Ep. 3 is the third installation by director Kyle A. Loftus of KAL VISUALS to promote and encourage people to be more environmentally conscious and to take better care of the planet. This is a short highlight film that celebrates the diversity and beauty of Europe. In this film, one gets to see various landscapes and terrains of nearly 10 different countries. Mother Earth Ep.3 European Edition is more proof of how vast and wonderous this planet is but also a firm reminder it is our responsibilities as humans to take better care of our home, planet earth. Don't miss out on this moving short film that also utilizes a short and powerful poem to guide the underlying message. The poem used in this film is called A Paradise Unknown and was written by Director Kyle A. Loftus. Check out this incredibly beautiful and moving short film by KAL VISUALS, Mother Earth Ep. 3.

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