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Why You Shouldn't Always Use A Gimbal

Why you shouldn’t always use a gimbal is probably the most important tutorial and how-to video to come out in the year 2019 by KAL VISUALS. In this video, KAL VISUALS discusses the overuse of the gimbal in today’s video market. Today pretty much every filmmaker and cinematographer uses a gimbal for their projects and unfortunately, it seems most people use it almost all the time for nearly every shot when in reality you should only be using a gimbal for select instances. In this tutorial on why you shouldn’t always use a gimbal by KAL VISUALS, one can gain a lot of insight as to why you should shoot handheld or use some other form of stabilization aside from a gimbal when working on your video projects. Moreover, KAL VISUALS uses real-world examples and shows you real footage from his past music videos to showcase specific examples of where a gimbal should be used and shouldn’t be used and why. Not only this, KAL VISUALS even discusses the ideology behind the shot selection and how camera movement cohesively works with that in order to better tell a story or narrative and so much more. Be sure to check out this incredible tutorial on why you shouldn’t always use a gimbal by KAL VISUALS.

Kyle LoftusComment