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Why Every Photographer Needs A 50mm Prime Lens, The Nifty Fifty

In this video Kal Visuals covers why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens better known as the nifty fifty. Kal Visuals discuss the many benefits of having a 50mm lens such as less gear means less to lug. The 50mm prime lens is lightweight, small and easy to carry around. Moreover Kal Visuals reveals in why every photographer needs a 50mm prime lens how it helps provide environmental background in the scene. He also discusses how you can flip the 50mm prime lens around and use it as a macro lens, you’ll have to get really close but it’s a cool feature of using a 50mm prime. Also with a speed of f1.4 you can capture extremely fast action with plenty of light coming in, whereas with a kit lens at say f4 you can’t capture at the same level. Kal Visuals doesn’t hold back on his passion for starting out and using a 50mm prime lens. Kal Visuals discusses how the nifty fifty helped him learn and grow as a photographer as well as the many benefits of using one. Don’t miss out on why every photographer need a 50mm prime lens, the nifty fifty.

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