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My Lighting Setup for YouTube Vlogging

My lighting Setup for YouTube Vlogging is a awesome video for vloggers, filmmakers and anyone looking to make videos for YouTube. Kal Visuals breaks down his personal vlogging setup at his home office, how he got his light kit, how much it cost and why it’s so important to have a consistent YouTube vlogger. My lighting setup for YouTube vlogging is a perfect introduction to making a 3 light setup for beginning vloggers and filmmakers. Moreover, this video shows you how you can make a DIY lighting setup for YouTube vlogging video for under $250!!! This is a great example for anyone who is on a tight budget or is looking to get into vlogging but doesn’t want to break the bank right away. Kal Visuals does everyone a big favor with this video by saving us all time and LOTS of MONEY by revealing his lighting setup for making YouTube vlogs.

Kyle LoftusComment