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How to Make Your Own LUTS Using Photoshop

In this tutorial video Kal Visuals shows you exactly how he creates his own custom LUTs or Look Up Tables by using Photoshop. This is an incredible skill to know and master as a filmmaker, videographer, media house or just as a general creative. Knowing how to create custom LUT’s allows you to cater color, tone, mood all to benefit the film. Moreover, creating your own LUTs makes editing in Premiere vastly easier as color correcting in Premiere Pro is very choppy, unreliable and lacks the ability to make very specific adjustment like one can do in photoshop. This is a must watch tutorial video for any filmmaker in the film industry or anyone in the videography or digital marketing sphere. How to Make Your Own LUTS Using Photoshop Video is a great tutorial to learn from if your just starting out as a creative videographer and editor. Kal Visuals shares one of his favorite SECRET methods to successfully creating moving and engaging films by creating incredible LUTs to overlay on his footage.

Kyle LoftusComment