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This blog highlights all the latest photo and video projects at Kal Visuals. It’s a vibrant and engaging online gallery with a well-balanced mixture of both videography and photography projects. The world is our studio. You can find us in our studio on the next big adventure. Come join the adventure today!

How I Pose and Direct Models BTS Video

How I Pose and Direct Models BTS Video is a video dedicated to showcasing how Kal Visuals goes about his photographic process with models on set. This is is a great how to photography tutorial video for any level of photographer in any field from lifestyle and branding work to portraits. How I Pose and Direct Models BTS is a video where Kal Visuals opens up about his process, what he’s thinking, what he’s trying to convey and how he does it. This is an incredible how to video for all beginning photographers or anyone looking to improve their abilities at giving direction, posing and making models comfortable on set. Don’t miss out on How I Pose and Direct Models BTS, because Kal Visuals really shares it all in this short but extremely helpful portrait and lifestyle photoshoot behind the scenes video. If you’re looking for some behind the scenes footage of a professional photographer at work this is the place to be. Kal Visuals gives some great tips and pointers that any level of photographer can pull from. Don’t miss out on this, How I Pose and Direct Models BTS Video.