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This blog highlights all the latest photo and video projects at Kal Visuals. It’s a vibrant and engaging online gallery with a well-balanced mixture of both videography and photography projects. The world is our studio. You can find us in our studio on the next big adventure. Come join the adventure today!

Mastering an Online Business in the Internet Age


This e-book is dedicated to helping you master your business online in the Internet age. This e-book is going to help you rethink the way you run your business and handle the day-to-day operations. In this e-book, I discuss everything from developing an identifying a niche market, constructing a brand image, refining online operations, outsourcing the mundane tasks to free up time, cultivating a viral presence on social media, taking control of your life and so much more. I truly hope this e-book helps change your life and propels your business in the right direction. Moreover, it’s going to show you how to make money work for you as well as increase your free-time to live a more fulfilling life. Are you ready to make the most of your business and take charge of your life? 

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