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How To Color Grade Like A Pro Fast

This How To video, How To Color Grade Like A Pro Fast isdetailed tutorial video showcasing exactly how Kal Visuals color grades as well as color grades his footage. This video is a great intro into color grading and is very helpful for beginning filmmakers and videographers looking to give there footage a quality film look. I walk you through my step-by-step process for color grading an entire project so it has a unified look but also so that each individual clip is graded to one’s desire. I explain each phase of my editing process when coloring film and footage in adobe premiere pro in this tutorial, How To Color Grade Like A Pro Fast. At Kal Visuals, we take pride in sharing our knowledge with all you fellow filmmakers and photographers. If you find How To Color Grade Like A Pro Fast then you’ll definitely enjoy our other content like the recent How To video, 5 Tips to Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom. Be sure to subscribe and stick around, we have new content coming every Wednesday at 8PM!

Jakob Owens Lightroom Presets: http://jakobowensproductions.bigcartel.com/product/jop-lut-bundle-5

5 Tips to Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiJtthfFTn8

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