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5 Tips For Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom

In this quick tip video entitle, 5 Tips to Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom I discuss 5 tips I highly recommend all photographers using in order to speed up their turn over rates with photoshoots. In this video I talk about the importance of editing in the pre-production, production, and post-production phase. Additionally, I delve into my philosophies on shooting and how to make sure your managing your business and time as best as possible. IN 5 Tips To Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom I share my best pointers as a photographer for planning and executing a photoshoot. The 5 topics I discuss in 5 Tips to Editing Photos Faster In Lightroom are:

  1. Don't Be Trigger Happy
  2. White Balance & Properly Expose
  3. Edit In Camera
  4. Learn When To Call It Quits 
  5. Lightroom presets
  6. Shoot In RAW 
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