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How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips to Getting Jobs

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This video is a short tutorial and quick tip video on How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips to Getting Jobs. In this video I briefly talk over my background as a business owner, videographer, photographer, editor etc. and then quickly dive into my best 5 Tips to Getting Jobs, How to Get Paid to Travel. In this video I cover my five topics of finding your niche, building a portfolio and or samples of work, finding out what you want to do and what goods or services correlate, finding out how you can leverage your goods or services to improve their, getting the meeting, making the pitch and selling your ideas. I’ve found one of the most rewarding things about my position is that I have the ability to give back and help others that were in the position I use to be. I like being able to reach one and teach one, I love sharing the wealth, sharing what I’ve learned as a videographer and photographer in the professional industry. This video is a great way to start off learning How to Get Paid to Travel. 

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