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Machu Picchu Peru (Directors Cut)

This video highlights the 4 day and 3 night Inca Trail adventure I did with Alpaca Expeditions to Machu Picchu Peru. However, this is my personal Directors Cut version. To find the version used by Alpaca Expeditions you’ll have to click the link listed below or go directly to their website. This was the journey of a lifetime starting at the famous mile maker Kilometer 82. From there we hiked up and down through the mountains and valleys and along the ridge lines to Machu Picchu Peru. The Inca trail was very steep and strenuous most of the time including a lot of jumping, leaping, lunging etc. Everyday we all came to camp with new battle scars from bug bites or mosquito bites to scraps and scratches. The mountains and their jungle-like terrain was very unique in that it was beautifully filled with life but also very challenging conditions. Traveling through the lower parts of the mountains (valley) involved a lot of bugs and humidity while traveling high up int he mountains involved high altitudes, steep ledges, and unstable terrain. However, everyone in the group was more than capable of completing the 4 day and 3 night Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu Peru. The trip was amazing from start to finish. The challenging nature of it was fun and captivating. The guides were informative, gave a ton of info on the history and spoke very good english… their sense of humor was a nice perk as well. Not only that, we had porters during the adventure to help carry some of the weight. Also we all got a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, a bowl of water for washing up and all of our meals included in the hike. Furthermore, I tried my best to find better food during my 3 week trip in Peru and Bolivia but I could not find anywhere that head better food than our master chef along the Inca trail, the Peruvian dishes were astonishing! Best of all, I got my entire Machu Picchu Peru trip paid for as well as the rest of my travels by offering my video services. To learn about how I did it watch my How to Get Paid to Travel: 5 Tips to Getting Jobs video coming out this Wednesday at 8PM. 

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