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Dillon & Mary Leisure Married

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We absolutely love capturing and spreading the love with you through wedding videography. If your in need of a videographer or know someone who is, contact us at Kal Visuals for top of the line quality and care!

Dillon & Mary Leisures Wedding 2017:

This video is a recap of the union between Dillon Leisure and Mary Asher into Dillon and Mary Leisure. The film captures the entire wedding day process. The story starts in the early afternoon when Mary and the girls are laying out their dresses, doing their hair and make-up etc. It then follows the husband, Dillon Leisure and his groomsmen as they put on their suits and string their ties in preparation for the wedding day. After that it follows both groups as they arrive for the wedding ceremony and begin taking pictures. The story follows Dillon & Mary Leisures Wedding 2017 as they go from the wedding ceremony to the reception. From there Dillon & Mary Leisures Wedding 2017 was celebrated by Dillon, Mary, and all there guest by dancing the night away. This entire film was shot on a Sony Alpha 7 Mark II with a 24-240mm native lens, rode shotgun microphone as well as a HD-4000 glidecam. Want to shoot like a pro? You can find all the gear I used to shoot this wedding on amazon by using the links below.

Sony A7S Mark II  

Sony 24-240mm Lens

Glidecam HD-4000

Rode Shotgun Mic

Sandisk 128GB

If your interested in my for camera operation, editing, coloring, direction, everything, just shoot me an email at info@kalvisuals.com. 


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