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23 Must Have FREE Lightroom Portrait Presets!!!

I've grown to love this photography community we find so well established in the year 2017. I'm relentlessly inspired by the immeasurable amounts of visual artist out there. The work I see every day scrolling through my feeds is art that is more than justified to sit in a museum. It's also been an incredibly helpful community that has fostered my skills and knowledge. I'm overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm as I browse through other artist pages and imagine the memories, the stories, and the moments they felt with all there images. I love this art and I think it's important we all continue to inspire each other and push each other to grow. Moreover, that we remember it is an art and that we treat it as such. The visual arts is not a competition to see who is better or has more followers but a network of individuals with a unified vision to share what makes this thing called life so special. Thus, I wanted to share with all of you my favorite custom-made preset bundle I use to edit every single one of my portrait sessions.  I hope they will help you improve your work and expand what you previously thought was your creative boundary. Moreover, I want to continue to help you all grow as photographers and filmmakers. Sign up in the box below to receive your free Lightroom preset bundle, but hurry the window CLOSES ON FRIDAY AT 10PM and I'll be sending out the bundle on Saturday!!!! Please feel free to share this with anyone and everyone you think may be interested in this free preset bundle. Also I'll be starting a new vlog series on my YouTube channel listed with my other social channels at the bottom in which I'll be providing tips and tricks I've learned along the way to becoming a professional filmmaker, photographer, business owner, and entrepreneur. You can also watch a little short I put together from my latest portrait session in Orlando, Florida by scrolling down to the bottom. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly updates (first blog coming Monday the 5th)!!! Also if you have any questions about camera gear, steps to take to secure a big name client, where to find wedding gigs, or even how long it takes to boil an egg be sure to stop by our Facebook page by pressing the button below and let's chat!!!

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