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How to Make a Double-Exposure

In this how to tutorial video, Kal Visuals shows you how to create a perfect double-exposure using Adobe Photoshop. This is an extremely in-depth tutorial that takes you through Kal Visuals step-by-step process for editing his photos to make a double exposure. This video is to act as a guide for making your own personal double-exposure photos rather than a walk through video on how to make this same photograph or photo manipulation if you will. Additionally, in this double exposure composition Kal Visuals was hired on to make it for a client in Chicago who wanted to capture the Chicago Skyline so there wasn’t a lot of options for creativity. However, you can use so many different kinds of images to make a double-exposure from the Appalachian Mountains to Big Ben Tower. This is a great tutorial filled with hacks and Kal Visuals best methods for editing photos in photoshop to create a perfect double-exposure. 

Kyle LoftusComment