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Putin Bay Adventures 2015

This is a photographic collection of stills highlighting some of my amazing trip to Putin Bay for July 4th weekend. I shot a music video for artist Halim Abdullah over the weekend and I have provided a few stills here capturing some BTS of the production. Additionally, I had the privilege of shooting a wedding reception on July 4th and then I got to enjoy the fireworks from a breathtaking view over Lake Erie. This is one of my favorite series I have released thus far. It's invigorating to see my work continue to improve and impact others. I hope you enjoy this series and I hope these stills inspire you to get out and take on new experiences. I've got a lot more work coming soon. I recently shot a proposal this week alongside a hoop video for Erin King. Stills are coming this weekend. Video releases for Halim Abdullah and Erin King will be in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned and continue to check my blog. 

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