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Right around the Corner

I find it quite incredible that no matter where we may go there is always a blessing right around the corner. As I've continued to travel and take on the experiences life has presented me with I couldn't help but notice the pattern of endless adventures lying around the turn of a corner. I find it discouraging and heart-wrenching when I hear so many individuals set on spending their weekend binge watching their new Netflix series or playing the latest gun-slinger. The world and has blessed us with so much beauty it's a shame so many fail to acknowledge the millions of miracles presented before us everyday. Although I can't hold a state-of-mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it's nice to consistently remind myself that I live on such a beautiful and mysterious planet. Every single day can be filled with fruitful knowledge gained and remarkable adventures experienced. The only requirement is to simply walk out the front door and turn the corner. This miraculous planet has blessed us with so many unique animals, insects, plants etc. and yet so many people are set on experiencing life vicariously through a fictional character. Why not be your own adventurous Indiana Jones? Why watch an adventure film when you could live it? To many people think adventure requires so much effort. It's the simple task of exploring the unknown and one doesn't have to take a flight or drive 3 hours to do so. I guarantee the avid Netflix binge-watcher would be amazed if they took the time to realized how many amazing places are right by their doorstep if they would just open their mind. Start using your summer wisely. Enjoy the early sunrise. The green leaves. The heat of the sun radiating on your back. Enjoy the miracles in your backyard and don't be afraid of what lies around the corner. 

Good Shooting,