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The Best College to Graduate From

Ohio University is the best school in the United States of America to graduate from. Yes I am an Ohio University student and yes this piece is bias. However, it’s because I truly believe my school is the best University around for many reasons. In case your wanting specifics, Ohio University creates a setting where one is able to further their personal development as well as it creates future opportunities for career advancement. Ohio University will give you four...or five if you decide to take the long route, of the happiest years of your life while simultaneously teaching you to be completely independent. Don’t believe me, I’ll gladly prove you wrong.

I’ve heard it a million times and I’ll probably hear it a million times again, “OU is just a party school.” Yes, OU (Ohio University) is a party school unlike any other, but there’s far more to OU than partying. OU offers incredible academic merit as well as multiple nationally recognized top tier programs. The media loves to cover Halloween and the minute incidents that erupt during the hailed fest season, but fail to give credit to the astonishing academic progress the school is making. Additionally, the opportunities for on and off-campus involvement is tremendous. There’s an organization or club for everyone, whether it’s religion or sports. For example, OU has Athens Video Works, which is an organization that offers multiple opportunities for students to work on a live set and produce a professional quality show/movie. This helps prepare students for post-grad life by providing them incredible knowledge in the classroom in addition to incomparable hands-on practice. Furthermore, OU is also an extremely progressive and highly spirited school.

OU is a university filled with students that truly value their athletics. OU has been known to have the best fans in the MAC because we do. We love supporting our teams whether it’s rocking a football jersey to class or skipping a late Tuesday night class to watch the men’s basketball team pull out a conference win. Don’t tell my professors or mom that I said that…especially my mother. I will say it’s hard not to be some of the most caring and involved fans when you have everything we do. At OU, the athletes are humble and consider themselves part of the group. There’s no hidden hierarchy placing the athletes above everyone else. Additionally, the band is unlike any other across the nation. The band plays incredible renditions of modern and classic tunes in addition to cheering as loud as possible regardless of the score or weather. Not only this, the band dances as they play. The Marching 110 as they’re called, have reinvented school spirit with performances and enthusiasm never before associated with halftime shows.

The school isn’t just spirited about sports it’s also very enthusiastic about supporting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. OU is very supportive of the go-green movement. There are clubs engaging students in organic agriculture as well as go-green initiatives. Just last year OU won the race to be the best recycling school in the entire MAC. Not only that, OU has recently become a tobacco free campus. OU is a great school to learn and mold a sustainable lifestyle focused on a prosperous well-being. In addition to being a supportive school that encourages a healthy lifestyle OU is also a haven.

OU is a hidden gem. It provides a unique lifestyle that you cannot find anywhere else on the map these days. OU is located in Athens, Ohio. It offers the perfect escape for anyone and everyone. It’s one of the few towns out there that still supports living the simple life. People aren’t trampling over each other in the streets, nor are they fussing over the newest celebrity gossip. In Athens, people prefer going to hike at The Ridges or canoeing at Stroud’s Run State Park. Athens itself is an incredibly beautiful and scenic campus filled with vibrant colors that bring the town to life. Furthermore, Athens was just ranked the fourth best college town in the United States. It’s a uniquely beautiful placed filled with originality. The entire town is lined with small family owned shops and bars. Not only this, Athens has Jackie O’s Brewery, which is a nationally recognized brewery selling organic craft beer. In Athens, students are more likely to go out and get involved. They’re not going to sit on the couch and soak up reality TV. Students are going to go toss the Frisbee or enjoy a fifty-cent slice of pizza on a Wednesday night at Court Side. They might even hop into Donkey Coffee, an organic coffee shop with a hipster atmosphere that provides daily live performances. People in Athens are far more focused on taking life easy and living for the moment. Students at OU are focused on making connections and interacting with one another in person, not on Twitter. The students aren’t caught up in the negativity of our current mass media instead they’re far more focused on living life to the fullest. The entire town has been able to isolate itself from the rest of the world. OU is the perfect place to getaway from all the excess weight in life and focus on your passion as well as your well-being. Now I’ll discuss what I’m assuming everyone is waiting to hear about, the party life at OU.

I won’t lie; OU is a crazy party school unlike anything else you will ever experience. I like to think of it as a playground for adults. The eighteen-and-up version of Neverland. It doesn’t matter what Princeton says in its yearly rankings. Everyone knows that Princeton changes the order every year to keep things interesting. Plus, Playboy understands we’re the best to do it and that’s good enough for me. Regardless, one thing that won’t change is OU being one of the top ranked schools. Students at OU know and take pride in being the best party school in the nation. Athens offers Halloween, one of the three biggest block parties in the nation. Furthermore, Athens has its fest season in the spring semester, which features shutting down entire blocks and filling the yards with DJ’s, kegs, liquor, beer bongs, and most importantly students. The fests are unlike anything you’ll ever see. The streets are infested with police and horse cops from all over the state. The yards are filled body-to-body with people wearing the craziest outfits money can buy. Dressing up at OU means throwing on your best outfit from the seventies or strutting around in your retro NBA jersey. Fest season is filled with day drinking and fueled by a sincere enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. Additionally, OU is an incredibly welcoming school that finds hundreds of visiting bodies arriving to party every weekend. These visitors aren’t hackled or neglected but celebrated. OU is the only school I know that loves when people come to visit. The students at OU take pride in showing visitors an incredible time and making sure they leaving wanting to come back for more. To OU students, there’s no better feeling than giving your friend a weekend they won’t forget and introducing them to a lifestyle they thought only existed in the movies. However, it isn’t just during fest season that you find so much life and joy in OU students.

The personality that OU instills in its student body is unique and promising. It’s hard to find a way to describe how OU changes you for the better but it does. People that attend OU I find are far happier, optimistic, fun, and enthusiastic about what they do than anyone else. Anytime I meet and OU Alum they are always immediately filled with happiness. They want to discuss what it’s like at OU now and how things have changed. They want to know my story and what I want to do with my life. When I find out someone attended OU I’m immediately overjoyed to meet him or her. There is a bond all OU students and alumni share that I cannot describe. I know I shouldn’t say it but I will anyway…you’d have to be there to get it. There’s a connection between anyone involved with OU, whether past or present that is unique. OU students and alumni are always looking out for each other and staying connected. OU Students are very open-minded and supportive of each other. Additionally, as stated before it’s a very welcoming campus that’s always open to visitors. Students at OU believe in giving in order to get. Helping one another grow and prosper in life is far more valuable then getting the best grade in the classroom. OU isn’t a competition; it’s a personal development course that encourages valuable character traits and professional skills.

Through the course of all the partying, celebrating and school work students at OU become the best around. This is because students at OU learn how to give a great attitude and effort in every endeavor they face. Additionally, students learn to be optimistic and open-minded about everything in life from battling cancer to same-sex marriage. At OU, students learn to enjoy the little things in life and celebrate whenever the opportunity presents itself because they know nothing last forever. Now you may be wondering how partying and having a great bar scene helps with personal development, but wonder no more. You see, by living such a unique lifestyle that takes academic merit and partying to such an extreme you learn to be more than prepared for post-graduation. You become truly independent. OU instills astonishing time management and organizational skills that no other school could foster because it challenges you to take control of your life. OU teaches you to set your priorities and focus on what matters most. Students at OU learn how to keep there academic, professional, and social lives separate. OU teaches students to put their career first and then go play. I know it sounds funny but it truly does teach you to manage your time in the most productive way possible, while guiding you through your academic career with knowledge and expertise. Thus, when graduation time arrives students from OU are more than prepared to take on the real world by themselves. More over, it’s always comforting to know that there are alumni out there willing to give a helping hand when you need it. OU is an irreplaceable school that takes you on the thrill-ride of a lifetime and sets you up for success in whatever your future may hold.

Yes you heard me right, we party and we learn to be the best in business coming out of school. OU is an incredible university with a beautiful campus and a supreme desire to further students into shaping a healthy planet as well as living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a university fueled by school spirit and a rare enthusiasm for life. OU is the perfect escape from all the excess weight in the world where you can focus on your future and happiness. It’s also the best party school in the nation that provides experiences unavailable anywhere else in the country. Experiences and memories you will cherish forever… trust me. OU will mold your character and push you to your limits in the best way possible. It’s the best personal development course out there and the lessons I’ve learned have been worth every penny. There’s no other way to put it, Ohio University is the best school to graduate from.

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